Grainger Financial Planning Ltd: A decade of success at St Peters Gate business centre

In a remarkable journey spanning over 31 years in the finance industry, lifelong friends Mike McGurrell and Paul Clough established Grainger Financial Planning Ltd in 2011. Their expertise as financial advisers, specialising in investment and pension markets, has driven the company forward.

Reflecting on their journey, Mike states, “Our company was on track as we planned, but 2016 brought tremendous growth, particularly in the pension world due to Brexit.” The team eventually expanded; Cora has now been in the team for an impressive decade, Lisa has been in the post for seven years and Ozzy for the past five. Judith joined as a part-time advisor in 2019, providing invaluable support for Mike and Paul for around two years.

Reflecting on the company’s journey, Cora, who began as an apprentice, shares, “It was the best experience that I have gained, getting good hands-on experience being a part of Grainger Financial.”

Choosing their workspace was a crucial decision for Grainger Financial Planning Ltd. After evaluating various offices, the decision to join St Peter’s Gate in 2011 proved to be a transformative one. Mike says, “The office had such a professional feel and look to it, and the staff were excellent.”

Mike also states: “Everything about St Peter’s Gate is geared to assisting the tenants in their respective businesses. Initially, the professional look and feel of the reception area and individual offices made an impression but the ongoing support of the centre staff is a big factor for us.”

Essential to their operations are the building’s meeting rooms, all equipped with audio visual tech offered by SPG. “The availability of interview rooms is essential for our face-to-face appointments, along with the technology they offer for individual presentations,” says Mike.

In offering advice to businesses considering St Peter’s Gate, Mike suggests, “Just do it, you won’t have any regrets. It’s big enough to satisfy most SME requirements yet still delivering a very personalized service.”

Grainger Financial Planning Ltd’s experience is a testament to the collaborative and cultivating environment that St Peter’s Gate provides for businesses to thrive.

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